This is the official web site of the Brighton & Hove District Scout Council.

The site is intended to be working tool for the twelve Scout Groups, three Explorer Scout Units and the Network Scout Unit that makes up the District. It is further intended to be an information source for visitors to the site.

If you are an established Scouter or Guider, please bear with us while we share with others a few facts about the Scout and Guide Movements. Who knows, you may even learn some things that you didn’t already know?

The Scout movement is the largest peace time co-educational organisation in the world, with over 26,000,000 (yes twenty six MILLION) members world wide and celebrated its centenary in 2007.

The Brighton District celebrated it’s own centenary during 2008.

Scouting is a movement that truly knows no bounds of race, creed, colour or ability.

Did you know that the World Scout Jamboree is second only to the Olympic Games in international representation?

It is estimated that well over half-a-billion young people have passed through the Scout and Guide Movements over the last 100 years and there are obviously many more that have been affected by it. A few famous ones that you may have heard of include David Beckham, Richard Branson, John Major, Paul McCartney, Jim Davidson, Bill Clinton and, believe it or not, Colonel Gadaffi.

Did you know that all but one of the American astronauts that have walked on the moon were also scouts or that the leaders training emblem “The Wood Badge” has been to the moon and back?

Again, welcome. To find out more about us please explore our web site.