Scout Network is the sixth and final section for 18 to 25 year olds.

Whether you’re completely new to Scouts or whether you’ve been with us since you were 4 years old, joining Scouts Network is a great way to meet new people, seek out new challenges and see the world. Because being a grown up shouldn’t mean you have to miss out on all the fun.

Scout Network connects over 20,000 young people aged 18 to 25 across the UK, and gives them the opportunity to take part in a huge range of exciting projects and events centred on the themes of ‘Adventure’, ‘Community’ and ‘International’.


Engage in adventurous and other activities that will enable you to:

  • Develop skills and pursue your interests.
  • Develop and use skills to make a difference in your local and Scouting communities.


  • Develop an understanding of global issues that highlight our interdependence as citizens of the world.
  • Make a positive contribution to address global issues.


Take practical action in the service of others that will enable you to:

  • Create positive social change that is of benefit to a wider community.
  • Helps you develop in taking action.
  • Build strong links and appreciation for difference between Scouts and between others in the Community.

To achieve these objectives Scout Network Members are encouraged to take part in projects and events that will support the about themes.

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls